Sayali Bedekar Patil

I'm a 30-something (junk) foodie, animal lover-cum-crusader, self-proclaimed world traveler, avid political commentator and a devourer of books; all the while being an impassioned writer & an uncompromising Grammar Nazi.

A Little About Me

To tell you the truth, I have not understood myself completely as yet. Sometimes I feel like I am from another planet as I am extremely emotionally volatile, loyal to a fault sometimes and have some pretty high set standards for what constitutes 'moral' and 'ethical'.

For course, that is not the best news in these times where circumstantial happenings often dictate right and wrong. But hey, I can still do some policing right.... errr.... not the radical and violent type of course.

It has always been 'my way or the highway' with me but I have got these tendencies somewhat under control these last few years. Growing old(er) of course helps, at least in some ways.

I am still prone to occasional bouts of erratic, inexplicable and irrational behavior though, a behavioral trait I have picked up after years of following romantic comedies and reading romance novels...

If you can keep up with my mood swings, I will be the friend that sticks around forever. Some of my oldest friends will vouch for that of course (do let me know if they don't!) :P

On a lighter note, I love music (anything with good lyrics), movies and catching up with all my friends from time to time. I do tend to disappear from the orbits every once in a while, and I don't mean just meta-physically. During those times, just leave me a message. I always catch up on them once I get back. Oh and I almost always come back though, at least I always have up till now that is...

Not many people know that I'm a sucker when it comes to falling for the condemned, the lost, the unsalvageable, the critically demented and the 'that dude loves someone else' types of males...

You can stay in touch with me by following me on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. I haven't mastered the other social media as yet (oh, I think I forgot to mention that I am technologically challenged).

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By the way, just as a footnote, I do take freelance assignments for writing, blogging and editing. Get in touch if you have any proposals or even feedback for that matter. I can't guarantee it, but I am sure I won't bite!